Smartports relies on a network of more than 40,000 agents in more than 150 countries, we are members of the most prestigious agent networks on an international level such as FIATA (Blue member), DF Alliance, among others.

We offer a tracking technology on a global level through which you can consult the exact location at all times. As a plus you can see, not only, the shipments you have with us but ALL of your shipments.

An instant quotation is part of our core business. We only need your route information once and the quotations will be updated automatically. You will be able to consult it in your login page and reserve them when the quote is right for you.

We have developed a moving volume that allows us to offer you the highest competitiveness rates to our clients. We have special benefits thanks to our extensive network.

We rely on a selected network of customs brokers in Mexico and abroad to guarantee the compliance for incoming and outgoing merchandise.

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Free storage days by law, means 7 days off for import and 15 days for export. Demurrage days in origin and destination may vary according to your shipping contract.

We offer different credit plans for your shipments, ask one of our representatives for your options.
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